Cheng Pu Electronic was established in 1980 and began with the manufacture of audio and video products. As technology advanced, so in keeping with the market, we developed several unique connectors, each patent-protected.

Cheng Pu also cooperates with worldwide major audio manufacturers to extend its product range. In 2000, we moved to a new factory to accommodate the larger production lines. Nowadays, our product range covers A/V connectors, power connectors, consumer products and kits.

Following the advancement in technology, communication and personal portable electronic devices are fast becoming a part of everyone's life. This trend brings to the connector industry of Taiwan a great vision. Cheng Pu's main goal for this new century is to remain the leading manufacturer of connectors. In 2000, we already reached an incremental growth of 15% and aim to attain a year-on-year growth of 20% over the next 5 years.

As we continue forward in the new century, we promise to support our customers worldwide with high quality standards and services. To our loyal customers, we extend our gratitude.

To boost your business, choose Cheng Pu.